The Modern Manhood Podcast

Presented by Next Gen Men

The Modern Manhood Podcast

Presented by Next Gen Men

After-School Programs, Workshops, and

Presentations for Boys and Young Men

Smashing the Glass Ceiling from the Top Down

Next Gen Men is a nonprofit organization engaging, educating, and empowering men and boys around gender in schools, communities, and workplaces. By promoting positive masculinities, healthy relationships, and gender equity we will have redefined what it means to “be a man”.


In addressing the root causes of gender inequities with open and honest conversations and learning about ‘what it means to be a man’, we aim to tackle some of the biggest issues facing society today from gender-based discrimination and violence, to social isolation and unhealthy relationships, to poor mental and physical health and wellness among boys and men.


We foster a fun, safe, and welcoming space for boys and men to explore masculinity, health, and relationships, and create lasting and meaningful friendships. We’re building a strong and supportive community that shares our values and vision.


We promote healthy masculinities, healthy relationships, and gender equiity through our program pillars of Self, Health, and Others. We’re on a journey of lifelong learning, so that we can better support the next generation of boys and men.


We equip boys and men with the confidence, support, and tools they need to contribute to their communities in a positive way and become the best versions of themselves.

1 in 5

…young people in Canada live with mental disorders


…of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence


…men die from suicide each year – that’s one every minute

2 in 3

…Canadians do not know what sexual consent means


…of all women in Canada have experienced physical or sexual violence

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