Fare Thee Well Vocabulary

Missing words? Nah, I don’t miss them. Over the years I’ve removed words from my vocabulary with intention. I’ve never used fag or faggot so that was easy. I’m not exactly sure when, but retard left too – somehow it’s more satisfying just to call someone stupid or an idiot anyways. The word that shocked me the most was “rape”.

Having dated many women that have been assaulted I came to realize just how pervasive this issue was (did you see all those #metoo posts?!). Learning of “rape culture” I grew to realize how triggering my stupid/idiotic (take your pick) rape jokes were – “that exam raped me” or “let’s rape these guys” (video games). Think about your words…I still have many to unlearn.

Thoughts of a Next Gen Man…

– Jake on behalf of J(ake)J(ermal)J(ason)

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