I was honored to talk about this and the research that Chataleine’s Editor at Large Rachel Giese has done to write the book “Boys: What It Means to Become A Man.” She has taken the time to look at what is going on in Canada in regards to the toxic forms of traditional western masculinity, interested in groups like WiseGuyz down in Calgary, and speakers like once and future guest Jeff Perera. We speak about her motivations for the books, what surprised her the most, complicity and the danger of “otherisms” in regards to #MeToo, and her call not only to the isolation of some men, but also to step back and think of the victims of violence.

You can find the men’s survey that Chataleine did here.

If you want to see what Wolf Pack is about, they are making it happen in Calgary and in Toronto. Click the links to get your tickets.

YESSPAINTING can be found here