Fourteen-year-old Eli’s pull-no-punches story of being bullied as a transgender boy entering high school leads to a conversation about homophobia and transphobia among boys. Joined by Lori Duron from Raising My Rainbow, two Canadian teachers trained in LGBTQ-inclusive education, and CJ Pascoe, a youth-focused researcher and writer.

Conceived as part of Trans Day of Visibility.

Further Reading

Lori Duron writes a blog called Raising My Rainbow. You can also follow her and CJ on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Alissa and Victoria were representatives of SOGI 1 2 3, an initiative based in western Canada. The website has LGBTQ-focused resources for both parents and educators. If you’re looking for more resources I recommend Gender Spectrum’s Gender Inclusive Schools Toolkit, Human Rights Campaign’s Schools In Transition and Welcoming Schools programs, as well as GLSEN and The Trevor Project.


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