Creating Brave Spaces for Conversations About Masculinity

Wolf Pack is building a community of social support by creating space for the conversations that men don’t normally have.

We host Wolf Pack events in Calgary, Edmonton (with our partners Men Edmonton), and Toronto, and similar to our youth programs, we’ll be diving deep into topics around our pillars of self (acceptance, esteem, love, and awareness), health (mental, emotional, and physical), and others (inclusiveness, diversity, empathy, and relationships). Don’t worry if this sounds a bit different then your usual after-work gathering – Wolf Pack is going to be a fun and unique event every time. We take on the issues that impact us all, from body image and sex to stress and mental health, through engaging events with insightful speakers.

The goals of Wolf Pack are to:

Create brave spaces for conversations about gender and masculinity

Promote positive, non-violent, inclusive, and healthier ways to ‘be a man’

Break down social isolation and foster connections and meaningful support with our peers

We believe that by engaging, educating, and empowering our peers, we can ensure that the next generation of men will make a positive impact on their communities.

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Who can participate in Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack aims to build a community of social support by creating space for the conversations that men don’t normally have. Our monthly events are open to people of all genders, so that we can learn with and learn from each other. Depending on the venue, events may be 18+ or 19+ (we’ll let you know when and where this applies).

Participants are expected to adhere to Wolf Pack’s Code of Conduct by:

  • Being respectful of themselves, their peers, and the organizers as well as the venue and staff
  • Practicing listening, being vulnerable, and sharing when appropriate
  • Show up with an open heart, mind, and a curiosity of others’ stories and experiences
  • Maintaining other participants’ privacy and confidentiality
  • Understanding that Next Gen Men is a pro-feminist, LGBTQ-friendly, and inclusive organization and does not tolerate any sexist, racist, or other discriminatory attitudes

How much does it cost to attend Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack events have a suggested donation to 1) help cover the costs of the event and 2) support Next Gen Men’s youth programs to ensure we can continue to engage, educate, and empower the next generation of boys and young men! We encourage everyone to ‘Pay What You Can,’ especially if cost is a barrier to participating.

Do I have to attend every Wolf Pack gathering?

Nope, but we hope that you want to!

For more information and any other questions, please send us an e-mail or leave us a message

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