Smashing the Glass Ceiling from the Top Down

Working with men to change workplace culture around gender equity

Gender-equitable organizations outperform inequitable ones. Full stop. Gender equity is a competitive advantage and we want to help your organization become gender leaders.

Although women make up 47% of the Canadian workforce, they are under-represented in leadership and decision-making roles, representing only 15.9% of board of directors, 6.9% of top earners, and 4.9% of CEOs

Next Gen Men is excited to announce our new program to engage men in leadership roles, men entering the workforce, and male-dominated industries to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity around gender in the workplace.

Building on our experience and expertise in engaging men and boys, Equity Focused Leadership offers professional development and leadership opportunities to equip established and emerging leaders with the tools, resources, and support to put gender equity into practice. We offer organization-wide presentations, targeted workshops, and tailored consultations. Our ‘secret sauce’ is a 14-module professional development program for leaders who are ready to help shift the culture around gender equity in their workplaces. Equity Focused Leadership modules include:

Uncovering unconscious bias

Challenging gender roles and stereotypes in the workplace

Unpacking leadership and communication styles

Understanding power and privilege and putting allyship into practice

Supporting mental health in the workplace and work-life balance

Making the shift towards gender-equitable policies and organizational practices

We believe that by engaging men in the workplace to be gender-equitable leaders, we can smash the glass ceiling from the top down!

Next Gen Men’s Equity Focused Leadership program is proudly funded by Alberta Status of Women.


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