Press Coverage + Participant Testimonials

Music 4 Life: November 13, 2016

The I Will Survive Association is a Calgary-based organization that raises funds and awareness for suicide, suicide prevention and mental illness through their Music 4 Life Concert Series.

Next Gen Men was recently featured on Episode 59 of the Music 4 Life podcast and Jake had the chance to share Next Gen Men’s story and talk to the guys about how our work on healthy masculinities intersects with mental health promotion!


“Next Gen Men is a place where I can come and be myself after school”

Ashton Meadows Participant, Fall 2015

Global News: October 11, 2016

Jake sat down with Global News Morning Calgary to share the details about Wolf Pack YYC and our October 12 event on sex, consent, pleasure!

Wolf Pack really came about from our peers saying to us, ‘I wish I had something like Next Gen Men when I was a kid.’


A lot of men have what we call ‘newspaper conversations’ — news, sports, weather, politics. We want to get a bit of depth and actually tackle social isolation amongst men.


We’re trying to build a group of social support by having vulnerable conversations about what it means to be a man. Often times it takes one man to say ‘this is my experience’ and then you’ll get three or four other men in the room saying ‘me too.’


CBC: August 25, 2016

The CBC came to cover our launch party for Wolf Pack YYC! The story garnered a ton of views, shares, and discussion on CBC Calgary’s Facebook page – which really showed us that there is a huge opportunity and need to create spaces for guys to build stronger social connections and have meaningful conversations about masculinity. We heard from a ton of guys in Calgary who weren’t able to make it to the launch party, but are really excited to attend the next event, as well as other groups and individuals across Canada who are eager to start groups of their own.

[We’re] trying to get men to talk about things that we don’t normally talk about […] Instead of gathering over a pint to talk about sports, news and politics, men get together to discuss body image issues, sex, dating, family, work and job loss.


iLive Radio: May 29, 2016

Patrick O. Morris had us live on the show to talk about Next Gen Men, our programs for young men, as well as our own different experiences and understandings of masculinity. Patrick himself is a father of four – with three boys – so there was a lot to talk about from different generational perspectives!

Next Gen Men is a program for every young man that wants to see a positive role model, learn something new, and get to know a new group of kids.


UN Women Youth Dialogue: June 7, 2016

As part of UN Women’s first official visit to Canada, we were part of an amazing youth dialogue on gender justice and equality with panelists from YWCA Canada, We Give Consent, and G(irls) 20, and the Executive Director of UN Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. Everyone shared their visions of achieving gender equality and we spoke specifically about the role of boys and young men.

Our vision of gender equality is for young people to grow up in a world where they are not restricted or limited in any way by their gender identity and expression.


METRO NEWS: March 10, 2016

Metro News covered our after-school program and how we engage the next generation of boys and young men in understanding that there are many ways to be a ‘good man.’

‘Man’ means more than muscles and machismo


“From the beginning, boys are asked to select qualities they think fit a man. Most of them choose attributes such as being aggressive, tough, loud, and physical,” said Alleyne.


That’s generally what they understand about manhood. But it’s not just that anymore.


Once they’ve been through the program, the same exercise often brings answers such as cooperation, leadership, being emotional, caring, and kind.


CBC RADIO: March 10, 2016

Jermal was a guest on CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning with Matt Galloway to explain how our after-school program works and share some of the impacts it’s had so far on the boys.

“Mental health is a big piece. [The boys] learn how to use many different words to describe their emotions. If they’re feeling sad or angry, they have a tool that they can use to talk to someone about it, whether it’s a friend, a teacher, a parent.”


“If you’re having a bad day or a down day – it’s like you can take your energy out… and it’s fun, you’re with all your friends”

Ashton Meadows Participant, Fall 2015

HUFFINGTON POST: April 14, 2016

Next Gen Men was featured in the Huffington Post’s blog on youth-led organizations advocating for gender equality at the UN.

“The missing link in the fight for gender equality is the youth voice.”



The Built Environment is a podcast exploring intersections of systemic violence towards people & land, produced and hosted by MaRS Discovery District Studio [Y] Fellows Marsha and Brenna. Ep. 2 on Building Healthy Masculinities explores sport culture, consent, and patriarchal violence.

The three of us had a great conversation with Marsha and Brenna about our early experiences with masculinity, self-expression, and self-esteem and how it all relates now to Next Gen Men’s programs. Episode 2 also includes an interview with Jeff Perera of Higher Unlearning!