As One Next Gen Man Departs, We Welcome Another

Stefan Montalbetti is sadly leaving the Next Gen Men family to chase powder in central British Columbia and continue his journey as an educator and facilitator. We know the struggle he has been having out of both his abiding enthusiasm for NGM’s future as well as his loyalty to all of us.

As he leaves us, it will be to our great regret but also with our blessing – he’s devoted 2 great years to building this organization and he will leave behind a program better than the one he found. We’re sending him off with our best wishes and we look forward to crossing paths with him again someday!

Turning the page, we are excited to welcome Tremaine Harris as our new Next Gen Men Program Facilitator!

Our first Olympian, Tremaine brings NGM a unique perspective on helping young men build themselves into being comfortable with who they are despite what pressures they may face throughout their lives. He has had to find many different avenues in order to pursue his dreams and compete with the world’s greatest athletes. This healthy sense of resilience mixed with his considerable lived experiences competing against some of the best in the world, around the world from Moscow to Guadalajara, gives him a considerable platform to connect with our youth, as not too long ago he was in their shoes chasing his dreams (literally).

Just as he was an ambassador for Canada, we look forward to Tremaine being an ambassador for Next Gen Men!

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