Exclusive Inclusive Language

We are all in the pursuit of betterment. To be more inclusive. To not make anyone feel left out. Why are we leaving some people out of not leaving others out?

Thinking of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is a privilege to be concerned about gender. We’ve moved beyond our physiological and safety needs and are somewhere between psychological and self-fulfillment needs. So when deconstructing the traditional binary of men and women (which still encompasses a majority of people) do we (as progressive people or “aware/activist Joes”) discard the binary altogether and use terms such as masc-presenting and femme-presenting folk?

I understand that this language is inclusive to non-binary and trans folk, but if we are trying to create a more inclusive culture, why are we using language that we are privileged to understand at the exclusion of others (i.e. the mainstream masses or “average Joes”)? Is this really the crux of moving society forward?

Thoughts of a Next Gen Man…

– Jake on behalf of J(ake)J(ermal)J(ason)

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