Protected: Registration and Parent Info for Next Gen Men’s 2018-2019 After-School Program

Dear Parents/Guardians, Welcome to Next Gen Men! We are very excited to have your child join Next Gen Men’s After-School Program. Our goal is to engage, educate, and empower boys and young men to challenge gender roles and stereotypes, take care of...

Thoughts of a Next Gen Man 08: Who Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

Join us every Friday for Thoughts of a Next Gen Man! 08: Who Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

Thoughts of a Next Gen Man 07: Stoicism Is About A Porch

Join us every Friday for Thoughts of a Next Gen Man! 07: Stoicism Is About A Porch

This Is What It Feels Like Calgary

Next Gen Men partners with artist Terra Lopez for This Is What It Feels Like Calgary to end catcalling and street harassment! #TIWIFLYYC #SafeStampede

Hands Up for Gender Equality!

The Youth Forum at the Commission on the Status of Women is coming up 11-12 March 2017! Follow #YouthCSW61 for NGM’s updates on youth and gender equality.

Mason’s Body Image Story

We invited Mason to share his personal story about body image, gender, and masculinity at the launch party for Wolf Pack YYC. Here it is, in full.

19 Pushups: Lessons From My 13-Year Old Self

Every week when I’m back at school with a group of 12, 13, or 14-year old guys in our after-school program, I often have to think back to my teenage years, and remember what it was like to be 13-year old Jermal? What did I like? What was I scared of? What did I hope...

International Women’s Day 2016 in Toronto

International Women's Day is coming up on Tuesday March 8th! Last year, I was able to check out some really interesting and educational events, including the rally and march in downtown Toronto, an amazing night of spoken word, music and dance performances, and art...

#YellTheTruth with Next Gen Men and YouthREX!

Have you seen our photos and messages as part of YouthREX's #YellTheTruth campaign? YouthREX is one of our key partners and collaborators. Based out of York University, YouthREX supports youth-serving organizations throughout Ontario in integrating research evidence...

After-School Updates: The Masks We Live In

The Masks We Live In For many young men, we don't get to a place where we are truly comfortable with ourselves until maybe our late 20s, or even later. And some of us never ever get to that place! Instead, we wake up every morning and put on a 'mask' that helps us...

Mental Health First Aid and Men’s Mental Health

There's a good chance that you completed a First Aid course when you were younger, maybe for a lifeguarding or babysitting job. I remember CPR practice on dummies, Heimlich manuever demos, and learning about heat stroke and hypothermia and burns and broken bones. With...